2012 Project 366

Day 4 of 366

Today started out pretty good since I finally got some sleep last night. Even though it wasn’t long enough, it was sufficient to make me feel a little bit refreshed and energized to start the day.

In school we did the usual things: listened to the discussion, wrote notes, did some activities, etc. (you all know the drill haha!) Nothing really special happened that day… not until I found out my grade for AP Psychology. 102.1!!!!! holy mother of cows I was sooo freaking happy and proud of myself. That was my first time to ever get an average like that high :D

And then I came home with a pounding headache (the one that I’ve been having for a couple of weeks now ): ) I can’t wait to go back to the doctors on the 23rd so I can get this pain out of my system and finally be able to live and feel like I used to.

Page 4 of 366 = done (:

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